At Epicurean Catering Company, our goal is to make you look great at your next catering event, whether it’s a social engagement in your home or a corporate event at your company, while also providing you with the greatest “bang for the buck.” Let our team help you plan your corporate or social function, and save time by ordering “online.” If you feel more comfortable speaking to our team, feel free to give us a call at 770-710-8154, and let us help you plan your social or corporate event. We offer everything for your next event, whether you’re having a breakfast get-together for your team or an intimate dinner party with your closest friends. 

We are known for our three-dimensional, colorful food displays, which means that you can always count on Epicurean Catering Company to delivery an eye-appealing display with incredible flavors! Anticipate special themes, props and specialty designs to enhance your next event experience!

Social Events

Passed Appetizers

Stationary Appetizers



Cocktail Buffet

Chef-Attended Stations

Chef-Attended Dessert Stations

Corporate Events

Passed Appetizers

Plated Dinner

Dinner Buffet

Event Details

Before placing your order, answer these questions to help us create the perfect, effortless event:

  • What is the day of the week and the exact date of your event?
    We want to make sure that our delivery service is on the correct day and date.
  • What time would you like to eat?
    Please allow us a delivery window of approximately 30-45 minutes before your event.
  • How many guests are you inviting?
    When placing your order, we understand that it may only be an estimate. Your final count must be confirmed 24 hours before your event.
  • Do you have any heavy eaters joining your event?
    If you know that you have some guys joining your event that eat more than a standard portion, please plan for this when considering the amount of people in attendance. We suggest that you allow 1.5 portions for those heavy eaters in your group. We don’t want your group to run out of food while people are still hungry!
  • Are there any dietary restrictions within your group?
    As a planner, it’s important to be sensitive to the needs of your guests. We offer a wide variety of choices on our menu to accommodate various dietary restrictions, including Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Lactose-intolerant and others.
  • Would you like us to provide desserts and beverage options for your event?
    Please review our dessert and beverage options when considering these additions.
  • Would you prefer to upgrade to china, silver, linens and glassware for your event?
    We include upscale plastic-ware (utensils and drink-ware) in all of our packages. Our clients can choose to upgrade to the options listed above for a nominal fee.


Service Details

For delivered service, please provide us with all of the details regarding the meeting location, tables, chairs and access to water. Please have a table available for our display.

Is the eating area large enough to accommodate the food and equipment set-up and an area for your guests to enjoy their meal? 

One 8 foot table for the food display will feed up 60 guests. Plan for 30 linear inches per person to sit and enjoy their meal at your event.

What are Epicurean Catering Company’s delivery options? 

  • All disposable drop-off (only available on cold food orders): Epicurean Catering Company sets up the food display area for your event. Everything can be throw away after the event for easy clean-up.
  • Basic drop-off (available on combination hot and cold food orders): Epicurean Catering Company sets up our signature food display, leaves, and returns to pick up our equipment at the designated time.
  • Full-service event: The Epicurean Catering Company staff takes care of your every need during your social or corporate event. We provide set-up, serving, clearing of the tables and clean-up following the meal service.

If the event is a basic drop-off, what time shall we pick up our equipment and materials? 

Remember, there are additional charges if pick-up times are before 8:00 am or after 5:00 pm.